August 8, 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

It Feels as if I have spotted Gold :-)

I got the meaning of happiness through such a small example – clear! I thought I will share with you.

Suppose you very dearly want yourself to have a i-phone. It comes in your dreams, your best friend has the same and you get attracted by its color and that all people who matters in the social circle shows off their i-phone 5. Everybody in the family knows about your desire however they assume that not all desires will be fulfilled. On your birthday, your sister gifted the i-phone!

The result – you become happy! Looks like that your sister and i-phone together made you happiest person on the world.

Now, next day you are very happy and you took it at your work place and you show it to your friend. First thing your friend see it, he comments that – Oh! This is the same version now available at cheap, since the new version is coming.

The result – you become a little uneasy. You have doubts about your sister..Why she gifted you cheaper version when she knew that I would have preferred the best. You could have waited for some months etc etc.

The object is same but feelings are different. It means that happiness doesn’t comes from objects but we themselves create thoughts which are happy or unhappy. It is possible to choose our thoughts by recognizing that you have the power to control. The control can become stronger through two things – First – knowing that you can control and second – meditation.

Mind is like a herd of horses. They would run in any direction to achieve what not. Past, Present and Future at places never visited or not existing in real world. Mind has tendency to be at different places and thoughts at the same time. The master needs to control.

This understanding developed through two talks in particular.  ‘The surprising science of happiness’ by Dan Gilbert and ‘Being Bliss 2 - Priceless treasures - BK Shivani (Hindi)’.