January 5, 2014

Job swapping

Collaboration is become a new synonym for Innovation. It’s a new angle to innovate.

A new strategy that I heard of which is giving an edge for companies involved is “Job Swapping”.  Do not mistake Job-Swapping with the earlier words like Job-rotation or exchange etc. Job Swapping refers to the swapping positions of two professional from different organizations trying to find synergies & collaborate to find convincing ideas for new products.

The wall street journal reports “A New Odd Couple: Google, P&G Swap Workers to Spur Innovation”. The synergies are that P&G and Google have distinctly different styles of management and the job swapping is an effort to learn from each other. Google has a pretty flexible working style while P&G is known for its protocols and structured working.

Google would like P&G to shift more and more of its ad budget to online which potentially is more effective for P&G.

Job swap could be a good practice for large organizations to swap jobs between their businesses not only to spur innovation, collaboration but also to retain people who would like to do something new every-time !

One of the output of the P&G – Google story was that the reluctant brand managers used google to collect 227 spoof video of P&G – a proof that P&G plans to shift a bigger chunk of their ad spends online using UGC (user generated content).


Wall Street Journal – A New Odd Couple: Google, P&G Swap Workers to Spur Innovation (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122705787917439625.html)

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