January 16, 2014

Crowdfunding Platforms

Parent article on CrowdFunding can be found at here
Some websites / organisations that manage crowd sourcing are

Spacehive (https://spacehive.com/‎) – US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com/‎) - - US
Neighbour.ly (www.neighbourly.com/‎)
Citizininvestor (www.citizinvestor.com/‎)
Wishberry (http://www.wishberry.in/) - India
Ignite Intent (http://www.igniteintent.com/) -India

Kickstarter is a all purpose crowd funding website. It is in business since 2009 and has funded more than 54,000 creative projects. Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. Only if a project gets 100% required funding in the goal, the get the funds. On completion the project creators, the creators give some part of the created object to the backers (who have provided funds). If a project is successfully funded, the website applies a 5% fee to the funds collected. The categories of projects are Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater.
Note: When we say project, it means endeavor which finally has a clear end / goal & Creators have to be from US, the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
Check out their websites for more details..

Citizinvestor is specialized into community related works with similar kind of mechanism as Kickstarter. The categories here are : Art/Culture, Athletic Facilities, Community Grants, Educational Facilities, Libraries, Neighborhood Improvements, Parks, Sustainability/Energy Savings, Transit/Transportation, Walkability/Bike Safety. The goal here is to improve the community.

Neighbourly looks to be relatively new in this space. Started in 2012 by Nick Davies. The goal again is to improve the community however I noticed that this has some affiliate companies along with them who would like to work on the projects as a social responsibility. Really liked this kind of collaboration. It is a good win win proposition !

Spacehive again is dedicated to public space. The difference is that the fee is charged on slab basis instead of the flat as in Kickstarter.

Wishberry is the Indian version of the crowd funding that we just went through. India is fast to catch up on the trends. In-fact one of the largest groups in india – Reliance industries was such an act (though was not powered online). Thousands of investors had believed in Dhirbubhai power of multiplying money.
The group shows 600 campaigns covered, `2,60,00,000 of funds raised by 7250 contributors. Seems promising !
Believe 5 young sparkling people by name Cyrus, Vasuda, Vanshaj, Aditi, Maneesh are behind the endeavor.

Igniteintent is the first platform of india launched by Rinkesh Shah and Jubin Joshi. This website is part of the crowdsourcing.org which is a global organization. This again is a fund raising platform only.

Please do add the list…may be it will help somebody to turn their dreams to reality.

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