December 1, 2011

Sin - Criticism

Sometimes living a few moments away from all distractions, alone and silent can give you that aha moments which you realize after self reflection and introspection. Some time back, I was fortunate to have two such moments where I could reflect upon myself and this world.

I realized that I was part of a sin !! 

This sin doesn't impact upon others but only affects us or the involved people in the act. This sin gets more intense if it is committed when the subject is not present during the course of performing. This sin is called 'Criticism' and is different from other sins in the sense that the effect of involvement in it is immediate but slow to be realized. 

When I asked internet for the literal meaning of this word, it answered - "the act or an instance of making an un-favorable or severe judgment, comment, etc"

So, is it so bad to be labeled as ‘Sin’. Not sure. So, let’s look at another aspect of criticism. 
In fact there are people who run a profession out of this skill of criticism and they become critiques. They help to make world a better place, they help the actors to improve in their forthcoming new movie, Industrialist to make better decisions for their share holders. They do so in an objective manner with clear intensions!

I cast that ‘criticism’ as sin 
1. Which is purely based on emotions / outrage / has genesis from a moment of interaction or experience which is bitter.

2.Which is directed to influence change of perception about some other third person.

3.The third person has very little chances of getting to know about the criticism.

The problem with this type of criticism is that, you end up competing with people who are not worth of competing. I have some friends whose energy is focused on being better than the subject of criticism. The problem with these people is that they compete with too low a target and secondly they derive their energy from this feeling which they get after criticizing and doing that continuously makes them addict to it like being addicted to marijuana. 

So it is always better to have an attitude of abundance. Compete if ever, with something or somebody who you cannot personalize and see continuously. Your competitor is you, it is your fear which stops you to achieve the un-achievable.

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