July 17, 2011

Step 1 : Principles of Attraction : Feeling of Desire

In fact I call it the 1st Basic principle of Success and during this post; I shall link them up with what has already been told by our parents and grandparent in India. Even Business Excellence Tools also have built in this law of attraction (My colleagues may be able to appreciate this as I explain this below). Also as I mentioned, Teachings in Self Improvement Books (Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy) etc also lay emphasis on the same.

The first step towards it is to know, understand and belief what you want. 

What is the end outcome you would like to get into and how would you enjoy it. This is like understanding what is the ‘frequency in Mhz’ of your favorite channel (98.3 Red FM) you would want your electronic receiver to play. Unlike Radio, life doesn’t have such a small tuner where you can flip through the channel of your choice, but yes still u must understand which channel gives you “consistently” the type of programs you like to listen to. If you are a confused lot, life will give you confused or rather NO results.

This is what our parents and my elder sisters used to tell me when I used to get confused for what I want to be absolutely clear of what I want so that I don’t repent on it once I receive it.

Stephen Covey’s 2nd habit for becoming highly effective is also the same – “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND”. Stephen Covey even goes to the level of asking you to write your own obituary so that you are absolutely clear so as to what you want from bottom of your heart. Franklincovey.com has also helped us to build it through a web based tool which helps individuals to build their personal ‘Mission Statement’. Here’s the link to ‘Mission Statement Builder’.

We should be clear to the level of virtually feeling what it would be like once you reach that final destination you always wanted. Like if you want to own a Honda City or Toyota Corolla but you don’t know how it would feel driving it, how would it feel pushing its accelerator on National Highway and how it would cut through the air.

My BE friends would also appreciate the first step either in six sigma or any project is to define the target and baseline which is to understand where is the final destination, what benefits would come to the Organization / Customers. This also serves as a motivation for the management to pursue, review and drive the project to realize the benefits after achieving the goals.

This virtual feel will drive you past all hurdles and obstacles.

and as Brian Tracy say's - An average person with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society,if that person has clear, focused goals.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

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  1. My Dear Friend Amol,

    First of all I must thank you for the initiative. It is never easy to take any initiative in this world where both negative and positive energy ruled the state of mind. And in a very complex socio economic environment it becomes more tuff. We must promote this knowledge sharing but contributors must understand what is expected to share. I can still remember when I asked one of the HoD to share his experience, he forwarded his CV in the very next mail to me. Organization and the society suffered a lot when some one chooses a wrong leader. It is true for both in politics and corporate. To become a leader you don’t need educational qualifications or number of years you spent on a corporate chair but the “Maturity”. One must understand the reason for his/her existence in this society. While we all are working, we are not earning our bread but we are doing it for the upliftment of the society. People with vested interest in life can only earn bread and can’t share realization in its true form and will misguide others. So be little careful while sharing your experience. Be honest. You know yourself best, no one else, not even 360 degree survey will help you to become best. Ask yourself with honesty and it is not a very difficult situation like “What is Michael Jackson?” Black or White…For you it is very easy to rate yourself in the scale of honesty. And as usual there is no end to improvement in this journey of excellence – excellence is your acquaintance with the quality – quality of life – life is your soul.

    Let me elaborate the word “knowledge” a little further. Experience is realization. Your consciousness about an episode. You may be wrong in your realization because of your level of knowledge and maturity but once it is shared you have the chance to improve it because of inputs from other’s consciousness.

    Today if you check the frequency modulation of the waves for the radio you will find all are around 100 MHZ. So there is a need for a similar kind of wave frequency to create the success story. I can relate this state of affairs to one of the past situation. While we few people were working for a TATA group company’s Business Excellence group, the frequency of each group members were around 100 after working for few months to streamline the waves. Situation was so near perfect that we are about to reach at cloud 9 but there was a cloud burst due to heavy existence of one the above said energy OR we may blame it to climate change. But we all group members have experienced the taste of success for the first time in our career. In course of time you will work for different chairs but one thing you must try is to develop a team with similar and balanced waves to turn on the music of life.

    Have a Good Day.